Concrete Estimate Template w/ Quantity Take-off

Our Concrete Estimate template is designed to assist in taking-off a variety of concrete applications, such as, Footings, Thickened Edge Footings, Slabs on Grade, Concrete Walls, Concrete Columns, and Concrete Paving. It generates take-off quantities automatically based on the information the user inputs into the various template form fields. For example, the template will calculate the amount of steel reinforcing in tons for any given application.

The template will ask questions like: "is the footing formed?, is there base under the SOG?, if yes, how thick?" The template also contains an Estimate Summary sheet, which includes all take-off quantities from the various applications and the user can then apply unit costs for each item. There is also a section to add sales tax, labor burden, and profit. The user will insert a tax rate, burden rate, and profit rate and the template will calculate the totals automatically.

Concrete Estimate Template

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