Certified Payroll Forms

We offer a fully editable WH347 and WH348 template in Microfsoft Excel format for completing certified payroll for federal projects.

Who uses WH347 Certified Payroll?

Davis-Bacon Act - As part of the US Department of Labor’s (DOL) government wide implementation of the Davis-Bacon Act, Federal regulations require that all laborers and mechanics employed by a contractor or subcontractor to work on construction contracts in excess of $2,000 which are financed by Federal assistance funds must be paid wages not less than those established by the DOL for the geographic location of the project, also known as the prevailing wage rates. This Compliance Requirement was created to assure that recipients oblige contractors to comply with the Davis-Bacon Act, by including in their construction contracts with a contractor or subcontractor a clause or requirement to comply with the Davis-Bacon Act and the DOL regulations. The clause should also include a requirement for the contractor or subcontractor to submit to the recipient weekly (e.g., for each week in which any contract work is performed) a copy of the construction payroll accompanied by statement of compliance. This report is commonly referred to as “certified payrolls”, and is often done using Optional Form WH-347 (OMB No. 1215-0149), a standard form pre-designed by the OMB.

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WH347 Certified Payroll & WH348 Statement of Compliance

WH347 Certified Payroll & WH348 Statement of Compliance

US Department of Labor WH347 Certified Payroll WH348 Statement of Comp..


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